Lavender Essential Oil 15 ML for Sleep and Aroma Therapy


Vedic Bloom 100% Pure & Natural Steam Distilled Lavender Essential Oil is a powerhouse of healing properties. Rich in antioxidants, this oil is great to add to your daily skincare routine. This oil when diffused, helps to calm and relax mind thereby improves sleep quality. It has a potent aroma which repels insects such mosquitos and moths.

Size : 15mL

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Know More About Lavender Essential Oil

The word Lavender is derived from the Latin word ‘Lavare’ which means ‘to wash’ as often it was used in bath and laundry for its sweet-smelling and aromatic scent. It’s a perennial evergreen plant majorly found in Mediterranean region, Europe, Africa, Canary Islands, Middle East and India.

Lavender has utter importance in both medicinal and religious purposes, as per ancient texts say, Lavender is therapeutic. It’s used in cosmetics, medicines, and acts as a major stress-buster, hence, Lavender is the most used essential oil in the world.


BOTANICAL NAME - Lavendula Augustifolia
ORIGIN - Bulgaria
AROMA - Floral, Fresh & Sweet Scent
KEY INGREDIENTS - 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil
EXTRACTION METHOD - Steam Distillation


Promotes Better Sleep

Revitalizes Skin

Natural Alternative For Room And Linen Spray

Heals Sore Muscles

Directions To Use

Diffuse A Few Drops For A Warm, Calm Atmosphere

Mix Personal Care Products For Extra Skincare

Add Few Drops To Water In A Spray Bottle To Linen Spray

Mix 3-4 Drops With Coconut Oil Rub Onto Painful Joints Twice, Daily



Although Vedic Bloom essential oils are 100% pure and natural, we DO NOT recommend ingestion of these oils. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and cause serious damage if consumed internally without following all the guidelines and expert supervision.

Majority of Vedic Bloom Essential Oils are extracted using Steam Distillation, however there are few oils which are best extracted through other process and hence adopted by us or our partners ensuring purity and effectiveness of the oils. Below is the list of processes for ready reference:

Steam Distillation
Cold Pressing
CO2 Extraction
Solvent Extraction
Fractional Distillation

Majority of our Essential Oils are organic. Though we have an internal policy of regular quality checks of our partners however it is not feasible to comment that a 100% organic supply chain has been followed during manufacturing of essential oil. That being said, we are in the process of launching our certified organic oils soon. These oils will be clearly labelled and hence will be easier for you to select. It will provide a guarantee that the oil was grown organically and follows the organic standards.

Certain Essential oils can stimulate certain hormones and can encourage bleeding and hence expert advice is always recommended in this stage. Please consult your medical practitioner/ professional aromatherapist before using Essential oils if you are pregnant.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and potent in their nature. Children have delicate skin, susceptibility to toxic substances is higher as compared to adults and also their metabolism is less effective. All these points make Essential oils unsafe for children.

Yes, please refer to individual labels and Vedic Bloom Dilution Chart for more details.


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