Lavender Essential Oil 15 ML for Sleep and Aroma Therapy


Vedic Bloom 100% Pure & Natural Steam Distilled Lavender Essential Oil is a powerhouse of healing properties. Rich in antioxidants, this oil is great to add to your daily skincare routine. This oil when diffused, helps to calm and relax mind thereby improves sleep quality. It has a potent aroma which repels insects such mosquitos and moths.
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Promotes better sleep Heals sore muscles Revitalizes skin Natural alternative for room and linen spray Pain reliever


The word Lavender is derived from the Latin word ‘Lavare’ which means ‘to wash’ as often it was used in bath and laundry for its sweet-smelling and aromatic scent. It’s a perennial evergreen plant majorly found in Mediterranean region, Europe, Africa, Canary Islands, Middle East and India.

Lavender has utter importance in both medicinal and religious purposes, as per ancient texts say, Lavender is therapeutic. It’s used in cosmetics, medicines, and acts as a major stress-buster, hence, Lavender is the most used essential oil in the world.


  • Diffuse a few drops for a warm, calm atmosphere that is perfect for sleeping & relaxation, especially at night
  • Mix with coconut oil or personal care products for extra skincare
  • Add few drops to water in a spray bottle to make a refreshing room and linen spray
  • Mix 3-4 drops with 1 tsp. of coconut or jojoba oil and rub onto painful joints twice, daily
  • Dilute with coconut oil or jojoba oil, mix carrier oil with essential oil in equal proportion. Massage this mix into the hair on a weekly manner before your regular shampoo.
Botanical Name - Lavendula Augustifolia ORIGIN - Bulgaria AROMA – Floral, Fresh & Sweet Scent PLANT PART – Flower KEY INGREDIENTS - 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil EXTRACTION METHOD – Steam Distillation CHECK DILUTION CHART