What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are the most natural thing you could ever do/use for your skin and well-being.100% naturally extracted from Flowers/plant.The highly aromatic substances found in specialized cells or glands of certain plants,calm the mind,body and soul,and also,bestow a beatiful and healthy skin.


Essential oils serve more benefits than we can imagine. These super oils are the best way to indulge yourself in their rich natural aroma and be oblivion of the toxic and artificial surroundings.

Languages of Aroma
The three notes

Top note

The first fragrance that is fresh, sharp and light, really penetrating in your senses and gives a tinge, is the Top Note. Majority of citrus oils fall under Top Note.

Middle note

Also known as ‘Heart Note’ because of their harmonizing nature. Middle notes cleanse your energy and soothe your mind and body, hence, named ‘Heart Notes’.

Base note

Penetrates later in your senses and base notes are often very calming, stress buster and anxiety reducer. They deal with insomnia with their warmth and deep aroma.

Unlock Your Powers With
The Magic Of Aroma



Boosts skin, hair, mental & respiratory health with its warm citrusy scent


Rosemary has multiple benefits along with its culinary applications – for hair, skin, digestion and aromatherapy

Tea Tree

Antibacterial and antiseptic in nature, heals wounds, alleviates pain and reduces inflammation. Also, aids in clearing congestion for an easy breathing


A natural astringent, controls oil secretions making skin smooth. Its potent aroma makes it the best insect repellent and home freshener


A boon for dry skin & hair, repairs collagen and improve elasticity, resulting in skin toning and nourishment


Known for its therapeutic properties, is used in bath and laundry for centuries for its sweet-smelling and aromatic scent


Main ingredient in cosmetics, perfumes and Egyptian mummification methods. Also promotes feelings of peace, relaxation and overall wellness


Eucalyptus provides strong respiratory aid with its decongestant and immune-stimulatory properties

Ylang Ylang

Beneficial for stress, anxiety, depression and palpitations, and aids reproductive health such as premenstrual syndrome and low libido


Used as a natural medicinal remedy and a food flavouring agent in culinary applications because of its cleansing, disinfecting and deodorizing properties