Worried about your immunity? Improve your sleep cycle.

Worried about your immunity? Improve your sleep cycle.

Waking up refreshed, raring to go and having a spring in your step is the ideal start to your day. A good morning keeps aches, stress at bay. What one doesn't know about that good morning, also contributes to good immunity. When thinking about natural ways to increase your immunity the first thought needs to go to your sleep cycle.

 Immunity is the most worried about. But do we realize that we could do a lot to increase our immunity naturally, but it would all fail if the body is forever fatigued. Natural ways to increase immunity includes healthy living. Exercise, physical activity are good ways to release not just the stress from the body but also flush out toxins.  Physical well being also includes not taxing your body with unnatural elements like nicotine, alcohol and chemical-laced foods and cosmetics.

What most articles will miss out on is to inform you of the importance of good sleep as a contributing factor for immunity. One of the best natural ways to improve immunity fast is sleep. There has been enough research to prove the importance of good sleep as a contributing factor of a body prone to infections, inflammations and low health conditions. While it is true that sleep is not a guarantee to good health, it is your high and mighty defense when it comes your way.

Research shows that to increase immunity naturally and fast, a minimum of 7 hours of deep and quality sleep is required. With every hour of loss of sleep, the immunity decreases by a bit. So that means for every hour of sleep that you miss, you tend to become more prone to catching a cold. A sound research also proves that lack of sleep or lower than adequate sleep also lowers the antibody development in your body. This also makes the administration of vaccines less likely to be successful for you.

Once we realize how it is important to get good quality sleep, we will chart our path to natural immunity. But sleep, as we all know, doesn’t come in demand to many. The changing times have rendered it extremely stressful for someone to achieve sound and peaceful 7 hour or more sleep. There are some natural aids that can help reduce the stress and promote mindfulness and calm and deep sleeps.

Of the many, the most effective tip is the use of Lavender Essential Oil. Not only is the Lavender Essential Oil highly regarded as a mood stabilizer, it is also known to alleviate stress and enhance and promote sleep. The trick to involve more of Lavender Essential Oil in your routine to promote good sleep is:- 

  • If you have a diffuser, nothing works better than it. Some drops of Lavender Essential Oil and a pillow spray to spray some on the pillows at bedtime and you are sorted.
  • If you do not have a diffuser, then you can try a drop or two of essential oil on your temples, wrists or neck.
  • It is also advisable to take a lukewarm bath to which few drops of Lavender Essential Oil is added. 

Try this trick to sleep like a baby and thus stop wondering on how to improve your natural immunity.

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