Know your oil- Geranium oil

Know your oil- Geranium oil

You know of this oil. You have scrolled through this name many times when you were shopping for your essential oils. It has intrigued most of us, but not knowing the oil, not knowing how it smelt or how it could have benefits always prevented you from buying it. Let’s understand Geranium oil, understand how the Geranium oil smells, while studying the benefits and uses of the Geranium oil.


What is Geranium oil? How is it made?

Geranium is a beautiful flower, which has very beneficial and oil rich leaves as well. Petals and leaves are used to extract the oil. It is one of the most highly regarded oils as it is nontoxic, nonirritant. It is an oil used from the Egyptian times for skin benefits and pampering a woman.

What does a Geranium oil smell like? 

This has a very floral smell, something not overtly like a rose, but similar, with a lot of undertones of herbs. It is not a very dominant and overpowering smell. It has some undertones of dill and earthy smells.

How safe is Geranium oil?

Well believe us when we say that it is one of the safest oils. That is because the leaves, the stem and the flower itself is completely edible. They have been used in cakes, jellies, teas since the Egyptian era and are still used in fine dining. Therefore, the oils are said to be one of the safest.

What are the benefits of Geranium oil?

The benefits of this powerful oil can be divided into two parts- the health benefits and the skin benefits.

The health benefits of Geranium oil are-

  • Relieves stress and aches. Add a few drops of Geranium oil to any massage oil like jojoba oil and massage on your aching muscles. The muscles benefit largely from the Geranium oil, soften and it helps alleviate some stiffness and pains.
  • Powerful infection fighter- This oil has been proven to have the prowess to fight nearly 24 types of bacterial and fungal infections causing agents. Using a few drops of Geranium oil with any carrier oil and topically applying to the infected area not only helps fight infection, but also helps bodies natural immunity concentrate inwards and not for the external wound.
  • Used as a natural antiperspirant or deodorant- As this oil is an oil which is circulatory in nature, that is, it exits through perspiration, the sweet smell, along with its antibacterial properties fight body odor and reduces the need for deodorants.
  • It is a very powerful mind calmer. This oil is known to improve spirits, mental functioning and uplift the mood. It is scientifically proven to help pregnant women alleviate their anxiety and their mood swings. It also has an effect in lowering the blood pressure.


Skin Benefits

This is the best kept secret from Cleopatra’s time. Geranium oil is the mother of all oils for skin care.

  • It is beneficial for tightening the skin, reducing aging and sagging skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helps add glow to the skin.
  • Dermatitis, acne, eczema and other skin problems are healed naturally with the use of Geranium oil. They are one of the best natural ways to treat acne and skin diseases. Using Geranium oil with any carrier oils gives the maximum benefits.
  • A few drops of Geranium oil in your shampoo and conditioner bids farewell to tress woes. This leaves your hair supple, smooth and shiny.

What oils go well with Geranium Oil?

The beauty of this oil is that it pairs well with almost all oils. Using any carrier oil can make it enough for you. The most powerful pairings are of  Basil, Bergamot,Grapefruit, Lavender, Lime, Wild Orange, and Rosemary essential oils for diffusion.

This is an oil which has been there for not just generations but centuries, but it is still advisable to take necessary precautions as mentioned here.

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