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Essential oils for teenagers- a boon

We have all been through teenage years. It is primarily remembered by angst, acne and ambiguity. The 3 A’s along with hormones are the pillars of every teenage life. The teenagers already have a lot of emotional upheaval at this time. Peer pressure, responsibility from school, identity crisis, trying to fit in are all the problems that completely exhaust them. To add to that is the troublesome acne, cramps associated with hitting puberty, mood swings, hormonal fluctuation, a teenager is completely lost.


Essential oils for teenagers are one of the natural and the healthiest ways of giving some relief where it can be possible. Teenagers at this stage of life benefit manifold with aromatherapy. This along with tender love, care and patience, might just smoothen a teenagers journey through these formative years.


When can essential oils for teenagers be used?


Dealing with teenage problems are an unchartered territory, it is mostly a fine balance between hits and misses. Most of the hits as per our experience came in dealing with these issues:-


  • Hormones and hormonal fluctuations- changes in hormones and hormonal imbalance along with other complicit physical problems, also cause a lot of mood swings, depression and anxiety. Essential oils when used regularly can help bring a lot of calm. The oils that help are rosemary oil which bring focus, lavender oil which helps in relaxing and de-stressing, geranium oil is a powerful hormone calmer, lemongrass which helps alleviate stress and anxiety, wild oranges is widely used for anxiety alleviation even in severe traumatic situations.
  • Inability to sleep or lack of sound sleep- it is a common problem which is best corrected with essential oils for teenagers. Essential oils not only relax the mind, they also help induce deep sleep. Essential oils like lavender oil which not only grounds a person, but also calms them, ylang ylang oil, which boosts the mood and keeps overthinking at bay, lemongrass oil which helps promote deep sleep, vanilla oil which calms the overactive mind.
  • Studies and focus- A teenager is going through so much that it becomes easy for them to lose their focus and also face trouble concentrating. In such situations Rosemary oils, Vetiver oils, Frankincense oil, Ylang ylang oils, Sandalwood oils individually or in a combination or mixture dramatically help and show great results.
  • Period pains or menstrual cramps- Do essential oils help in period pain? This is probably the most often asked question by a teenager or a teenage guardian. The answer to this is yes and a definite one at that. Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex in blends are some of the powerful menstrual pain relievers and blends to aid relief.
  • Skin and Beauty- Yes, just like adults, essential oils for teenagers too impart their share towards beauty and skin relief. Puberty skin gets hit with acne the most. The best fix for zits are Tea Tree oil for dealing with infections and zits, Frankincense oil for glow, geranium oil for dealing with oily skin, citronella oils for dealing with bacterial infections and fungal infections.
  • For overall health and muscle relaxation- A rough day at sports or dance, pushing themselves for a task or just a tiring day and a soak with Eucalyptus oil eases the body and its discomfort.


Apart from the given essential oils and their benefits, one can experiment with oils for problems that aren’t discussed here. One also must remember that physical hugs and sharing our stress with someone we trust is also a powerful healer.


Essential oils are always known to help when the safety guidelines, as mentioned on  are followed.

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Know your oil- Geranium oil

You know of this oil. You have scrolled through this name many times when you were shopping for your essential oils. It has intrigued most of us, but not knowing the oil, not knowing how it smelt or how it could have benefits always prevented you from buying it. Let’s understand Geranium oil, understand how the Geranium oil smells, while studying the benefits and uses of the Geranium oil.


What is Geranium oil? How is it made?

Geranium is a beautiful flower, which has very beneficial and oil rich leaves as well. Petals and leaves are used to extract the oil. It is one of the most highly regarded oils as it is nontoxic, nonirritant. It is an oil used from the Egyptian times for skin benefits and pampering a woman.

What does a Geranium oil smell like? 

This has a very floral smell, something not overtly like a rose, but similar, with a lot of undertones of herbs. It is not a very dominant and overpowering smell. It has some undertones of dill and earthy smells.

How safe is Geranium oil?

Well believe us when we say that it is one of the safest oils. That is because the leaves, the stem and the flower itself is completely edible. They have been used in cakes, jellies, teas since the Egyptian era and are still used in fine dining. Therefore, the oils are said to be one of the safest.

What are the benefits of Geranium oil?

The benefits of this powerful oil can be divided into two parts- the health benefits and the skin benefits.

The health benefits of Geranium oil are-

  • Relieves stress and aches. Add a few drops of Geranium oil to any massage oil like jojoba oil and massage on your aching muscles. The muscles benefit largely from the Geranium oil, soften and it helps alleviate some stiffness and pains.
  • Powerful infection fighter- This oil has been proven to have the prowess to fight nearly 24 types of bacterial and fungal infections causing agents. Using a few drops of Geranium oil with any carrier oil and topically applying to the infected area not only helps fight infection, but also helps bodies natural immunity concentrate inwards and not for the external wound.
  • Used as a natural antiperspirant or deodorant- As this oil is an oil which is circulatory in nature, that is, it exits through perspiration, the sweet smell, along with its antibacterial properties fight body odor and reduces the need for deodorants.
  • It is a very powerful mind calmer. This oil is known to improve spirits, mental functioning and uplift the mood. It is scientifically proven to help pregnant women alleviate their anxiety and their mood swings. It also has an effect in lowering the blood pressure.


Skin Benefits

This is the best kept secret from Cleopatra’s time. Geranium oil is the mother of all oils for skin care.

  • It is beneficial for tightening the skin, reducing aging and sagging skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helps add glow to the skin.
  • Dermatitis, acne, eczema and other skin problems are healed naturally with the use of Geranium oil. They are one of the best natural ways to treat acne and skin diseases. Using Geranium oil with any carrier oils gives the maximum benefits.
  • A few drops of Geranium oil in your shampoo and conditioner bids farewell to tress woes. This leaves your hair supple, smooth and shiny.

What oils go well with Geranium Oil?

The beauty of this oil is that it pairs well with almost all oils. Using any carrier oil can make it enough for you. The most powerful pairings are of  Basil, Bergamot,Grapefruit, Lavender, Lime, Wild Orange, and Rosemary essential oils for diffusion.

This is an oil which has been there for not just generations but centuries, but it is still advisable to take necessary precautions as mentioned here.

To buy Geranium oil, visit here.

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Worried about your immunity? Improve your sleep cycle.

Waking up refreshed, raring to go and having a spring in your step is the ideal start to your day. A good morning keeps aches, stress at bay. What one doesn't know about that good morning, also contributes to good immunity. When thinking about natural ways to increase your immunity the first thought needs to go to your sleep cycle.

 Immunity is the most worried about. But do we realize that we could do a lot to increase our immunity naturally, but it would all fail if the body is forever fatigued. Natural ways to increase immunity includes healthy living. Exercise, physical activity are good ways to release not just the stress from the body but also flush out toxins.  Physical well being also includes not taxing your body with unnatural elements like nicotine, alcohol and chemical-laced foods and cosmetics.

What most articles will miss out on is to inform you of the importance of good sleep as a contributing factor for immunity. One of the best natural ways to improve immunity fast is sleep. There has been enough research to prove the importance of good sleep as a contributing factor of a body prone to infections, inflammations and low health conditions. While it is true that sleep is not a guarantee to good health, it is your high and mighty defense when it comes your way.

Research shows that to increase immunity naturally and fast, a minimum of 7 hours of deep and quality sleep is required. With every hour of loss of sleep, the immunity decreases by a bit. So that means for every hour of sleep that you miss, you tend to become more prone to catching a cold. A sound research also proves that lack of sleep or lower than adequate sleep also lowers the antibody development in your body. This also makes the administration of vaccines less likely to be successful for you.

Once we realize how it is important to get good quality sleep, we will chart our path to natural immunity. But sleep, as we all know, doesn’t come in demand to many. The changing times have rendered it extremely stressful for someone to achieve sound and peaceful 7 hour or more sleep. There are some natural aids that can help reduce the stress and promote mindfulness and calm and deep sleeps.

Of the many, the most effective tip is the use of Lavender Essential Oil. Not only is the Lavender Essential Oil highly regarded as a mood stabilizer, it is also known to alleviate stress and enhance and promote sleep. The trick to involve more of Lavender Essential Oil in your routine to promote good sleep is:- 

  • If you have a diffuser, nothing works better than it. Some drops of Lavender Essential Oil and a pillow spray to spray some on the pillows at bedtime and you are sorted.
  • If you do not have a diffuser, then you can try a drop or two of essential oil on your temples, wrists or neck.
  • It is also advisable to take a lukewarm bath to which few drops of Lavender Essential Oil is added. 

Try this trick to sleep like a baby and thus stop wondering on how to improve your natural immunity.

To know more about Lavender Essential Oil, click here

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An experience of authenticity as shared
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Pollution in today's urban areas create numerous issues of acne & blemishes. I always had been in search of natural products for obvious reasons. Vedic Bloom Tea Tree Oil with its DIY concept has been a saviour. I would say for VB the products are natural so safe to use and the packaging is also user friendly and contemporary.

Vedic Bloom Tea Tree Oil is a part of my daily routine and I don't skip a day using it !!!

Ojasvi Jain

Age: 25

Occupation: Financial Research

Interests: Fashion Blogging

A fitness and wellness enthusiast by nature, i am a person who keeps on looking for pure and natural products. I have a keen interest in essential oils as i understand how these oils can provide benefits of nature. Vedic Bloom essential oils were referred through a friend, i started going through product description on amazon and their website and found the detailing very impressive. My first Vedic Bloom oil was Bergamot, diffusing bergamot in my home instantly filled the space with energising and uplifting environment. This atmosphere is really conducive to my workout routine.

Jayati Agarwal

Age: 34

Occupation: Homemaker

Interests: Fitness & Beauty

I am a person who believes very strongly in the concept of green cleaning. However sourcing and using green cleaning products gets really cumbersome in daily routine. I was really elated when i got to know that you can use essential oils in multiple ways for this purpose instead of chemical laden cleaning products. My favourites from Vedic Bloom range are Lemongrass essential oil and Eucalyptus essential oil. These smell amazing and have potent cleaning properties.

Shruti Gupta

Age: 34

Occupation: Homemaker

Interests: Music

I am not usually prone to skin breakouts or bad hairdays 😊, cant thank enough to be blessed with good genes ! But with exposure to Delhi-Ncr pollution and dust, i started looking for a natural potion for maintaining my skin and hair and also to take care of bad days if any. My hunt got over with Vedic Bloom Geranium Essential- it smells amazing, makes my skin glow and makes my hair feel softer.

Natasha Chopra

Age: 35

Occupation: Consultant

Interests: Travelling

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